Best Stock Brokers in US for 2021

Best Stockbrokers in the US for 2021:

Selecting a trusted and reliable stockbroker is the first step toward success in online stock trading. Without reliable stockbroker, the invested capital, earnings, and efforts are at risk for the investor. I have good experience with following top 3 US stock brokers.

1) Fidelity – Best Online Broker
2) TD Ameritrade – Best Broker for Beginner
3) Interactive Brokers – Best Broker for Advance Traders



Fidelity is leading online US stockbroker offerings its clients a reliable, advanced investing tool and excellent order executions. It offers:

– Zero commission equity trades
– Extensive research and knowledge for investors
– Available to US residents only 
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Ameritrade is the second leading US best stockbroker from last 3 years on many review websites, offering quality services to investors.

– Zero Commission Trading for equity trades
– Offering ETF, equity and Options Trading
– No requirement for account minimum balance
– Vast educational and learning resources for beginners
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Interactive Brokers:


Interactivebrokers is ranking among the top 3 brokers in the US on different forums and community platforms. Interactivebrokers have thousands of satisfied traders and investors on its platform  This broker is best for advanced traders who require investment tools for advance trading.

– High-quality order executions
– Zero commission
– Zero accounts minimum balance requirement
– Offers trading of stock, bonds, futures, options for 125 markets
– Learning resources for investors
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These are Top 3 best Stockbrokers in the US for 2021 as per my experience and research over the internet. You can use these brokers to start online trading and earn money. If you have good experience with any other US stock broker, do share with us.